Introducing Stargate

Stargate is a secure online app created for Appearance Medicine practitioners.

If you're running an appearance medicine practice or are an independent injector using products like Botox or Filler then Stargate is for you. With Stargate you can create treatment templates, manage patient treatment plans, capture photos and signed consent forms.

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Proudly brought to you by New Zealand based Cloudbased Solutions Ltd.

Smart practice management for appearance medicine


Stargate has unique features tailored to the specialised practice management requirements of appearance medicine practitioners.

Patient Photos

  • Take & manage patient photos
  • Store online or offline
  • Export as JPG or PDF

Interactive Templates

  • Comes pre-loaded with common Botox templates
  • Build and customise your own templates
  • Interactive template manager

Treatment Plans

  • Capture treatment plans on iPad, laptop or desktop
  • Customise and modify as needed
  • Intuitive touch-screen interface

Consent Forms

  • Capture patient signatures digitally
  • Manage consent forms
  • Include post-op care instructions

Competitive Pricing

  • Affordable pricing
  • Discounts for annual subscriptions
  • 15 day free trial period

Secure and private


We offer a range of pricing options to suit your specific needs. All licenses are 10% discount on annual payment.

Single user license

NZD $85 + GST per month, ideal for independent injectors and small clinics.

Clinic license

NZD $160 + GST per month, ideal for clinics with multiple practitioner and injectors

Enterprise license

Contact for a quote

Feature Single user Clinic
Monthly price NZD $85/month + GST NZD $160/month + GST
Annual price - 10% off NZD $918/annum + GST NZD $1,728/annum + GST
Number of Injectors Max three Unrestricted
Number of Practitioners One Unrestricted
Xero Accounting integration No Yes
Custom system integration No Yes